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Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Year so Far

We love snow! My kids just love being able to live where they can play in the snow every now and then. This winter was such a cold one but it makes the cold worth it when you can play in the snow :)

JoAnn at the hospital. She had to get her tonsils out and did so well. Her blood work before the surgery showed that she has a Factor 5 deficiency...or she has the risk of bleeding. We were really concerned going into the surgery, and the hospital even stocked up with fresh frozen plasma. But she did incredible. The doctor said she didn't bleed anymore than a regular surgery. She did take a while to come out from the anasthesia, but even at home she did so good!

With baby number 5 on the way...I was determined to not have two in cribs :) Sara did so good at switching over to a big girl bed. She never climbed out or anything. I do have some pretty amazing kids!

I can't believe how big Jay seems to be getting. He now weighs more than JoAnn, and loves to remind her of that! He turned 6 this year and has been so good to deal with "All these girls." Even though a girl was not his first choice...he is so excited for his new little sister!

JoAnn turned the big 8 this year! She is such an amazing helper and is always willing and wanting to babysit. She always asks me if I need to go somewhere so she can watch the kids! I love you baby girl.

All my kids kept asking for this year for their birthdays were pillow pets. They are so lucky that Grandma Palmer listens so good! THANKS GRANDMA & GRANDPA

Savanna's 4! She is such a princess. She is definately a girlie girl and love anything pink! I kept asking her what she wanted for a cake and all she said was she wanted a pink, purple, and yellow cake! :()

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