The Wahl Family

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

About Time...

Sorry about those who want pictures, but this entry is just for journaling. I am so impressed with my sister how well she keeps up and I decided to do better. Pictures will come soon. So I have been way out of the loop of everything lately. I do have a good excuse though. I get the worst Pregnancy brain. I forget everything and just don't do anything for awhile. We are now 12 weeks pregnant and so excited. If you ask any of my kids it is a boy, and they won't even think girl (especially Jay). But we still have a couple months before we will find out for sure. I have been feeling pretty good, just the regular first trimester fun :) I am really hoping that I will be done soon.

On another brother Levi came home from his mission a week ago. He has only been out 7 months, but has been sick for the entire time he has been in Australia. When he first got there he got tonsilitis. Then he started feeling pain in his stomach and throat. He has been going to the Dr. in Australia for 4 months and they couldn't find anything. They said every test came back negative and by those results he was a healthy man. But he just kept getting worse. Right before they decided he needed to come home, he was so weak and sick that he wasn't able to be out more than a couple of hours a day. Now that he is home, he is still doing tests and hoping that the doctors will find something. If they find something, they can treat it. The only thing that has come up positive is that he has a bacteria that is often found when there is ulsers. He is taking antiboitics for that, but those are hard on him since his body is so weak. He came home last sunday and it was so amazing to be able to have 9 of the 10 siblings there to welcome him home. We are all so proud of him and the testimony that he has. I know that it has been really hard for him to have to leave his mission, but he knows that everything is in the Lord's time and has been our example of faith.