The Wahl Family

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Family Pictures

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Family Night with the Wahls

We had a barbeque for family home evening
and Savanna loved being outside...She didn't
quite like the grass yet, so she just stayed in
her seat.

Jay and Alan love to just chill....this time they
decided to do it on our back fence!

Let me explain these next two pictures. Jay loves to throw balls
and threw one up on our roof. So of course, Alan just put JoAnn
up on the roof to get it. She loved it until she realized she was
going to have to get took almost 5 minutes to convince
her that Alan wouldn't drop her if she would just jump. Finally
she did...........

It was about right here I had my heart attack!!!

JoAnn and Jay love to push Savanna in her stroller...
this one just happens to by JoAnn's doll stroller! Thank
goodness I have a petite one! :)