The Wahl Family

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leaves are Falling All Around...

I love Fall. We just moved into a new house that has two huge trees in the front yard. Most people might get mad when they see the leaves...I was so excited. As soon as the trees where bare, we raked all the leaves and let the kids just jump. They all had so much fun. Sara thought it was so cool that she could fall and not get hurt and the others were having fun just playing. It is so nice to live in a place with seasons and then somewhere for the kids to play. :)

Sara's first B-day

Time flies too fast! I can't believe that she is already one. Sara had a great time getting to open her presents. When it was time for her to get her birthday cupcake though, she would not eat it. She had no desire to get messy or even take one bite!

Catching Up

Okay so I am so far behind it isn't even funny. This is just major random, but I needed to do it for journaling so please bare with me :)
Every year we do a cookout on Labor Day at Grandpa Smith. This year was Sara's first one...and she loved it. She was so dirty and loved being outside. It was perfect weather and fun to be with cousins.

This year the cows came right to where we were eating. The kids thought it was great and tried to see how close they could get :)

JoAnn and all the 2nd graders got to go to the fair to sing for their parents. She did so good and knew every song.

We were able to go to Payson and stay at the Layton cabin with alot of my family. While we were there, they decided to go swimming at a deep park in a stream...

it was FREEZING. The kids were so cold, but kept going. Savanna was the first one in, not on purpose though. She tripped while we were walking across the shallow part to the other side.

But JoAnn was the first to jump. She was awesome! After her the other kids started going. And she kept jumping in. I was sure after the first jump they would never do it again, but I forget how amazing kids are.

This is where Jay was, catching crawdads. He jumped once and said forget it! I say he is the smart one in the group :)

Can you see that none of the adults were brave enough to get in :) None except Phillip that is. He was great. He helped all the kids and stayed in just as long as they did.

First Day of School

I can't believe I have 2 in school now. Jay is loving it! He is such a bright kid and catching on so quick to reading! JoAnn is still way ahead in her class and is now a helper for other students. I thought they looked so dang cute...but it could be just me :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

We love the 24th

It has been so much fun living in St. Johns during the 24th. We always come up, but this year we were able to do everything. On Tues and Wed. Alan played in the 3 on 3 basketball tournament and I was able to play in the co-ed volleyball tournament. It was a blast. My brother, Levi and his wife came up on Tues. to play on my team for the tournament and they were able to stay for the whole week. Also, my sister Tonya was on our team and Alan's sister Gaylene. And my mom was able to come on Wed. to just be here. It was so much fun and the week is also just constant crazy. I love it! Thursday is the ice cream social, Friday is the Jr. Rodeo and campfire circle, and Saturday is the adult rodeo, stake fry and adult dance.
Sara loved the ice cream social. She would yell every time we took the popsicle out of her mouth!

The kids were able to have their best friends come over on Fri. for the Jr. Rodeo. They all did the Mutton busting and egg toss. The arena was so muddy and they all came up just filthy!
Do you like how Jay is biffing it? Such a cowboy :)

They got a dollar for riding and loved getting muddy...well most of them did!

And then just like true cowboys we had them wash off in the horse trough! They thought we were so cool.

Jay and Tucker only got about three throws in before their egg busted.

JoAnn and Emmy actually won the egg toss. They had so much fun.

My kids thought Uncle Levi was the greatest. He had his horse their all week and they were able to ride it at home. JoAnn says that all she wants for Christmas is a horse...Small request right! :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Memorial Day

Way behind I know. This was at Memorial Day...every year Alan's family has a cookout and branding on his Grandpa's land. I love being in the mountains and my kids can't wait to be outdoors. JoAnn was so excited because this year she was able to help Alan and Grandpa Wahl cook the steaks!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Me and my two sisters were able to do a triathalon in Pima on May 1st. I thought i was going to die, but we all said we would do it and it felt so nice to finish. I don't know if I will ever do another one, but it really was a good thing to be able to do with my sisters. We all started at the same time, but both of them finished way before me. And they were so good to come back and run along with me across the finish. My family is amazing too...we had so many people there supporting us. Love ya all!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Projects

Okay. So every now and then I start to feel way lazy and decide to try a few new projects. These are what I have been working on lately. I really do love it when I finish a project...not always when I am doing it though :)

I saw this idea a while ago and wanted to try it out. You just get any can...I used a spaghetti sauce can (the bigger ones) and opened them with the can opener that leaves a smooth edge. Then you clean good and cover with cute paper. Cook your favorite cookies, fill them up and tie a bow! I thought it was a great visiting teaching gift or teacher appreciation!

I saw a different version of these...(alot cuter but way more expensive) and thought I would try them out myself. They were so easy. Just get a watch head (I found mine on clearance for $4) and then get beads, add clips and waalaa! And then just make as many bands as you want and switch them out. I am going to get alot of different colors!

I am so not great at making b-day cakes, but it is fun to see the kids faces when they see something new! So Easy and Savanna loved her PINK BIRTHDAY cake :)

These booties are so dang easy. A friend of mine wanted some for her boy so I had to see if I could do them first. I love them and they are going to be perfect when she starts to crawl so her knees don't get all scratched up! Don't you love that face :)

These have got the be the easiest cutiest skirts! Seriously 15 min skirts and my girls love to twirl them. We just called these their easter dresses this year! Way fun.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We were so excited today that we got to go spend the day with our Best Friends. When we were in Coolidge we became good friends with Amber and Josh Wilkins. We both have girl, boy, girl, girl...and they are all pretty close in age (minus the last ones). They have since become our BEST FRIENDS. This is a friendship that I feel like you find once in a lifetime. Everyone gets along and just loves being together. It was so hard to leave Coolidge for so many reasons, but definitely we knew that we would not be able to see them very often. JoAnn cries often for Emmy and Emmy for her. It broke my heart today to see them when they saw each other. They both went running and almost knocked each other over and then didn't let go forever. And then the boys run and hit each other and were off! And then to say bye was so hard for the older girls. They were both trying so hard to be brave, but they had tears when we had to leave. It was so great for me to get to see Amber again too. She is amazing! She is one of those women that everyone just thinks is incredible. She watches kids, does crafts, has a beautiful home, and her kids always look so dang cute just to name a few. If anyone thinks I am crafty...I got most of my ideas from her. I just hope they know how much we miss them and we feel so lucky to have them in our life. We Love you guys and hope you get up here soon! :)

CRAZY KIDS...All 8 of them.

JoAnn and Emmy (They really do just love being together)

Rylenn and Savanna...our two princesses if there ever were some :)

Jay and Tucker...Boys will be boys!