The Wahl Family

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Family Reunion

Okay. So I have been horrible at updating my blog. I was gone for a week up in Greer for our Family Reunion, and I think I never got back into the swing of things until just recently. This is going to be a long post...there are just too many fun pics to show every one.

This is the cabin we stayed in. Our family is so big we take up two cabins, but this is the main one where we ate and played!

Because I found that new blog, I was having a blast trying out all the new hair styles on all the girls. I think one day I did 7 girls hair, but I loved it :)

Grandma is brave!! On Sunday we went to Eager for Sacrament meeting, then came back to the cabin for Sunday school, primary, priesthood, and Relief Society. Grandma is amazing and she took all these kids for Primary. They all had so much fun. Thanks MOM!

We had one night where we pushed aside the table and couches and did some country dancing. It was so fun and I loved getting Alan to can see how thrilled he is!

Savanna and my neice Maci. They are so cute together. Can you see how pretty is was up there...that is the cabin up on the hill.

Jay and Lincoln. We told them to hold hands and they just didn't get it. I guess that is good though right.

JoAnn and Haylee. JoAnn was in heaven with so many girl cousins up there.

Everyone seemed to have a book. It was just so relaxing and the perfect time to sit outside with a good book. I got addicted to Harry Potter while I was there and I am almost done with number 4.

While we were there, Mary Ann brought all the stuff up to make flowers for the girls hair. We had a blast and it was fun to get ideas from everyone.

Grandma was so good to help all the grandkids "catch their own fish." Which meant Grandma would catch it and let the kids pull it out on their own.

My brother Levi had is 19th birthday while we were there and all the kids tried to do a dog pile. We were so excited he was able to come up for the last big family reunions before he leaves.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cutiest New Blog

Hey all! My sister Mary Ann posted about this site on her blog and I had to pass it on. For anyone who has little girls this is a life saver. It has the cutest hair does and explains how to do them with pictures! I don't know about all of you, but I need all the help I can get :)