The Wahl Family

Friday, April 15, 2011

Nicole's Newborn Pictures

My sister-in-law Krysten gave me such an amazing gift! She took newborn pictures of Nicole! She did amazing. And if I do say so myself she had a pretty good model :)

Nicole Wahl

We are so excited that Nicole is finally here. We had some excited times before she came. At my Dr. appointment 2 days before I was scheduled to be induced they told me that she was breech. They said that when we got to the hospital they would try to turn her and then immediately break my water. If for some reason they couldn't turn her or she didn't stay turned we would have to go for an emergency C-section. (just a side note: JoAnn said that she new that c-section stands for cut section :) I thought it was cute that she would make that connection!) I left the doctor pretty scared but calm at the same time. My family and friends were so helpful and looked up tips on how to turn a breech baby. I tried every trick I could and when we got to the hospital thursday morning...she had turned on her own! Thank goodness. The doctor checked me and for the first time ever I had gotten to a 4 all on my own. He decided to just break my water and see if that would induce labor. IT DID! And natural labor hurts just as bad as pitosin :) I was so glad that I was doing it on my own though. I was having a ton a back labor and the nurse said that usually happens when the baby is sunny side up! My sister Tonya was able to come and help us out and my sister-in-law's mom was my nurse. They were amazing. They kept turning my back and forth and even got me onto all fours with an epidural! After all that, she checked me and while she did, nicole turned and moved down. Only 45 minutes later I was at a 9.5. She said the baby was still really high though. I told her to just call the dr. in, I promised I could push her down. And as soon as the dr. came in 4 minutes later, Nicole was born. They said with my first push she turned completely and by the 2nd contraction she was out! Alan was incredible through it all! I am so blessed that labor and delivery went so well!

JoAnn's Baptism

JoAnn was baptized on March 12th at 11:00. She was able to have a double baptism with her cousin Blake. It was such an amazing day for her and for our family to remember.

Alan was able to baptize her and what an incredible feeling it is to have such a worthy priesthood holder leading our family.

Girls, girls and more girls. Jay is always quick to remind me how many girls there are on my side of the family. :) JoAnn and Savanna love it though and wouldn't change it for anything! They are going to have such a blast growing up with so many cousins.

Grandma Palmer gave the talk on Baptism and Grandpa Palmer was able to be a witness. I am so grateful that me and my family have such amazing examples to follow! We love you!

Our Year so Far

We love snow! My kids just love being able to live where they can play in the snow every now and then. This winter was such a cold one but it makes the cold worth it when you can play in the snow :)

JoAnn at the hospital. She had to get her tonsils out and did so well. Her blood work before the surgery showed that she has a Factor 5 deficiency...or she has the risk of bleeding. We were really concerned going into the surgery, and the hospital even stocked up with fresh frozen plasma. But she did incredible. The doctor said she didn't bleed anymore than a regular surgery. She did take a while to come out from the anasthesia, but even at home she did so good!

With baby number 5 on the way...I was determined to not have two in cribs :) Sara did so good at switching over to a big girl bed. She never climbed out or anything. I do have some pretty amazing kids!

I can't believe how big Jay seems to be getting. He now weighs more than JoAnn, and loves to remind her of that! He turned 6 this year and has been so good to deal with "All these girls." Even though a girl was not his first choice...he is so excited for his new little sister!

JoAnn turned the big 8 this year! She is such an amazing helper and is always willing and wanting to babysit. She always asks me if I need to go somewhere so she can watch the kids! I love you baby girl.

All my kids kept asking for this year for their birthdays were pillow pets. They are so lucky that Grandma Palmer listens so good! THANKS GRANDMA & GRANDPA

Savanna's 4! She is such a princess. She is definately a girlie girl and love anything pink! I kept asking her what she wanted for a cake and all she said was she wanted a pink, purple, and yellow cake! :()

Christmas 2010

The Wednesday before Christmas we were able to go over to Show Low and spend some time with Alan's Granny. Sara found this dog statue and wouldn't leave it alone. She thought it was so great and kept barking at it :)

Every Christmas Eve our kids get new pajamas to wear. This year I decided to just make them all new flannel pj bottoms. It was so fun and I think the kids really enjoyed them.

Of course we have to get all the stockings hung for Santa to come. This used to be my favorite tradition and I love seeing my kids have just as much fun as I did.

Growing up my family always had the tradition that we had to eat on orange on Christmas morning before we were allowed to see what Santa brought. I used to hate it and now here I am putting my kids through the same torture :) Mean mom, I know!

And Christmas morning! FINALLY. I love watching how excited kids are for Christmas. This year was a pretty simple on for us, but the kids were completely oblivious and loved everything they got!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leaves are Falling All Around...

I love Fall. We just moved into a new house that has two huge trees in the front yard. Most people might get mad when they see the leaves...I was so excited. As soon as the trees where bare, we raked all the leaves and let the kids just jump. They all had so much fun. Sara thought it was so cool that she could fall and not get hurt and the others were having fun just playing. It is so nice to live in a place with seasons and then somewhere for the kids to play. :)

Sara's first B-day

Time flies too fast! I can't believe that she is already one. Sara had a great time getting to open her presents. When it was time for her to get her birthday cupcake though, she would not eat it. She had no desire to get messy or even take one bite!