The Wahl Family

Monday, July 26, 2010

We love the 24th

It has been so much fun living in St. Johns during the 24th. We always come up, but this year we were able to do everything. On Tues and Wed. Alan played in the 3 on 3 basketball tournament and I was able to play in the co-ed volleyball tournament. It was a blast. My brother, Levi and his wife came up on Tues. to play on my team for the tournament and they were able to stay for the whole week. Also, my sister Tonya was on our team and Alan's sister Gaylene. And my mom was able to come on Wed. to just be here. It was so much fun and the week is also just constant crazy. I love it! Thursday is the ice cream social, Friday is the Jr. Rodeo and campfire circle, and Saturday is the adult rodeo, stake fry and adult dance.
Sara loved the ice cream social. She would yell every time we took the popsicle out of her mouth!

The kids were able to have their best friends come over on Fri. for the Jr. Rodeo. They all did the Mutton busting and egg toss. The arena was so muddy and they all came up just filthy!
Do you like how Jay is biffing it? Such a cowboy :)

They got a dollar for riding and loved getting muddy...well most of them did!

And then just like true cowboys we had them wash off in the horse trough! They thought we were so cool.

Jay and Tucker only got about three throws in before their egg busted.

JoAnn and Emmy actually won the egg toss. They had so much fun.

My kids thought Uncle Levi was the greatest. He had his horse their all week and they were able to ride it at home. JoAnn says that all she wants for Christmas is a horse...Small request right! :)