The Wahl Family

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


We were so excited today that we got to go spend the day with our Best Friends. When we were in Coolidge we became good friends with Amber and Josh Wilkins. We both have girl, boy, girl, girl...and they are all pretty close in age (minus the last ones). They have since become our BEST FRIENDS. This is a friendship that I feel like you find once in a lifetime. Everyone gets along and just loves being together. It was so hard to leave Coolidge for so many reasons, but definitely we knew that we would not be able to see them very often. JoAnn cries often for Emmy and Emmy for her. It broke my heart today to see them when they saw each other. They both went running and almost knocked each other over and then didn't let go forever. And then the boys run and hit each other and were off! And then to say bye was so hard for the older girls. They were both trying so hard to be brave, but they had tears when we had to leave. It was so great for me to get to see Amber again too. She is amazing! She is one of those women that everyone just thinks is incredible. She watches kids, does crafts, has a beautiful home, and her kids always look so dang cute just to name a few. If anyone thinks I am crafty...I got most of my ideas from her. I just hope they know how much we miss them and we feel so lucky to have them in our life. We Love you guys and hope you get up here soon! :)

CRAZY KIDS...All 8 of them.

JoAnn and Emmy (They really do just love being together)

Rylenn and Savanna...our two princesses if there ever were some :)

Jay and Tucker...Boys will be boys!