The Wahl Family

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I don't know what it is about this pregnancy, but I have wanted to do so many projects. I am posting this one mainly for my benefit to prove that I did do something! If you want any patterns for anything, just let me know. I will find the sight again and post it for you. My friend Amber is the one who gave me most of the ideas. She is the Craft Queen!!

These are my favorite and most easy projects. They are bandanna dresses and shirts. It was literally four stitches and then adding ribbon and I thought my girls looked so cute in them. Of course I am a little bias :)

This is one of those "Hooter hiders." I found the simplest pattern and since there were five of us having babies, and one cousin, I decided these were easy gifts. I made this the bobby pillow below and a baby sling carrier as a set for each one of us. Such an easy gift and a lot less expensive then the store bought ones.

This is a doodle bag...or sunday bag for my kids. It is so simple and hold the kids scriptures and a notepad on one side and then crayons for them on the other. They are only allowed to take what fits in the bag on Sunday. It is so nice for them to carry their own things.

My mother in law was down her not too long ago and helped me to recover my car seat. She did most of the work, and I love how it turned out!

This is such a simple apron made from a dish cloth! Dollar store find :)

These are wipee boxes that I covered. I had leftover everything and loved trying this out. So much cuter than just plain ones!

This is a towel backpack. I was able to get three backpacks from one towel and then each kid got different ribbon. We live close to a pool so it will be so nice for them to carry their own towels.

All the baby bows and flowers. There are also binkie holders and bracelets! Savanna was very jealous that this is not all for her, so of course we had to make her a few bracelets.

This is a diaper and wipes holder. I got the idea from a baby gift that my sister got!

All of the burp rags. I was getting out all the baby clothes and trying to get them washed and couldn't find my old burg rags anywhere. So of course I just had to make some more! I love these ones. They are just cloth diapers with ribbon sewed on. So easy and so cute!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

First Day of School

JoAnn's first day of school. Isn't she the prettiest 1st grader you have ever seen? She was a little was a new school in a new town but she did so good. The night before we put her in bed at 8:30. She couldn't fall asleep until after 10:30 because she was so nervous. Then she was up at 6:00! I hadn't planned on waking up until after 6:30. I love the pic with her by the playground. She just looks too grown up!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Well, after MaryAnn's baby finally was able to go home we decided to follow her down to Thatcher. I always love going home and my kids just love being outside. We were originally only going to stay for three days, but we ended up staying a week. I have a very understanding husband! We were able to be there over the 24th and loved watching my brothers Levi and Travis in the rodeo. Then the next night we were so glad to have Steven and Kami let us crash at their house for the parade and fireworks! My kids just love the country life and I couldn't get Savanna off the horse. When we came home all she could talk about was "Inbinsible" or invicible which is Levi's horse!

The kids all loved the fireworks!

This is one of my favorite pics! Jay was loving having so many boy cousins to play with!

My kids at Steven's house after the parade. The kids had more fun playing in the yard than watching the parade :)

Levi and "Inbisible" with the kids. He was so good to always let them be on when they got a chance.

Isn't she the cutes cowgirl you have ever seen!

Jay and Lincoln. These two are so hilarious together!

The first thing the girls wanted to do was ride the horse. They would have stayed on all day if I would have let them.