The Wahl Family

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monthly Update :)

I said I was back into the swing of things and look how long it took me to update again. This will be another long update, but don't feel like you need to read it all. This is just my way of journaling...can you tell how good I am :) Life has been crazy busy and so much fun. Levi is home and still in pain. They are not sure what is going on still. They have found a few things that they are treating, but the pain is still there. He has gained back alot of energy and is able to go about his day pretty normally. He has never been one to complain no matter how bad he is hurting though.

Another great family tragedy (j/k)... my oldest brother Alan was in a car accident and broke his neck. His son was in the car with him, but he was completely fine. He had surgery on his neck and they fixed the breaks and fractures. He was having alot of pain in his arm and numbness, but after the surgery he said the pain is gone and he is getting feeling back. He should be good as new after he takes time to recover.

Alan got Suns tickets from a Lawyer that he used to work with...they were 2nd row right by visitor's bench. We got 4 tickets, 2 in second row and 2 in fourth row. We invited my brother Levi and Dad to take the other two tickets. My other brother Tom has season tickets and let me little brother Travis and nephew Bryce take those. It was amazing. I do love sports, but this is definately the way I like to watch!

Easter came and left so fast. This year I made their Easter dresses (pictures to come) and had so much fun doing this hair do on JoAnn. Time just go too fast.

I had a Dr. appointment and was able to hear the heartbeat after 15 minutes of looking. It was a little scary, but the nurse kept assuring me she heard movement and that it seemed like the baby was turning circles. We get to find out next month if it is a boy or girl! Jay assures us he already knows what it is and that the Dr. is wrong if he says girl :)