The Wahl Family

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Projects

Okay. So every now and then I start to feel way lazy and decide to try a few new projects. These are what I have been working on lately. I really do love it when I finish a project...not always when I am doing it though :)

I saw this idea a while ago and wanted to try it out. You just get any can...I used a spaghetti sauce can (the bigger ones) and opened them with the can opener that leaves a smooth edge. Then you clean good and cover with cute paper. Cook your favorite cookies, fill them up and tie a bow! I thought it was a great visiting teaching gift or teacher appreciation!

I saw a different version of these...(alot cuter but way more expensive) and thought I would try them out myself. They were so easy. Just get a watch head (I found mine on clearance for $4) and then get beads, add clips and waalaa! And then just make as many bands as you want and switch them out. I am going to get alot of different colors!

I am so not great at making b-day cakes, but it is fun to see the kids faces when they see something new! So Easy and Savanna loved her PINK BIRTHDAY cake :)

These booties are so dang easy. A friend of mine wanted some for her boy so I had to see if I could do them first. I love them and they are going to be perfect when she starts to crawl so her knees don't get all scratched up! Don't you love that face :)

These have got the be the easiest cutiest skirts! Seriously 15 min skirts and my girls love to twirl them. We just called these their easter dresses this year! Way fun.