The Wahl Family

Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas Lights at the Temple

We had so much fun going to see the lights with
Mary Ann and her family. They get prettier every
year. My kids had a blast and Savanna just kept
looking every where. I am not sure she quite got
what was going on. Merry Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Okay! So I got repremanded a little for being so behind on my post. My camera is broken so there are no pictures and life has just been a little hectic. Thanksgiving weekend is still a blur. We went out to Buckeye Wednesday evening. This year was with Alan's family and we were able to be at his sister Lanae's for dinner. Friday morning all the sisters decided to try the after Thanksgiving shopping. I swore I would never do it...but I figured it would be fun with all the sisters right? Oh my goodness!! I remember why I don't go. It was CRAZY. The only good part about it was that we got a lot of good chatting time in while we were waiting in lines. Then we came home Friday night and Saturday morning we went to Tucson. The 2A State Championship game was at the U of A stadium and Alan's brother was playing. Of course we can't miss a game :) Right after the game it was straight to St. Johns...Alan's brother Darrin was giving his Farewell talk. He reports today and is going to the New York, New York South spanish speaking mission. Yes...he is going to be in the getto! But if anyone can do it, Darrin can. The weekend actually was great and it was so nice to be cold finally. I mean come on...It is December already! Well, a few days after we got back we got a call from someone wanting to buy our home. So now we are in middle of a possible move. By possible I mean if all the financing works out we will be moving the first of the year. It was supposed to be this weekend...but who wants to move before Christmas anyway! :) So, there it is. My crazy busy life. And to add one more thing...we are going to go to the zoo next weekend in Tucson if anyone wants to come. It will be so fun to get to catch up with friends and see everyone kids. SEE YOU ALL SOON!!