The Wahl Family

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our Holidays

Okay, so this is going to be one big post. I just wanted to update you on all we had going on during the holidays.

Alan and I went to a bed and breakfast. (A gift given to us last year that we finally got around to using.) It was so cute and nice to get away :)

We went straight from the bed and breakfast to pick up our kids from Joseph City and head to the Polar Express. My parents gave us all Christmas early and got us tickets. We had 46 people there and it was so much fun!

Waiting to run down stairs Christmas morning...

All Jay wanted this year was the Hulk and Optimus Prime. He is so into superheros and action figures :)

JoAnn was so excited to see that Santa got her letter. She asked for Hannah Montana barbie and a little dog in a purse! Whatever makes her happy right :)

Savanna got a new stroller and was so cute. As soon as she saw it she wouldn't touch it until I let her open her baby doll and then she was good to go! She is definately growing up too fast.

We headed up to St. Johns Christmas day and we got snow the day after Christmas! We let it snow long enough to stick just a little and then we were out playing.

Savanna's first time in the snow! She loved it. I couldn't believe it when she cried when we had to go in the house.

At first we just went sleding on this small hill on the side of the house, but we moved up to...

It was a blast!

I am looking foward and hoping for the day when we can live where we get snow. Our family loves the weather and the seasons!

And finally, we ended the Holidays with our Anniversary. I can't believe it has been seven years. We went to a Suns game and then stayed at a hotel in Chandler. Alan is the love of my life and I feel so blessed to have him with me! I love you babe!! :)