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Friday, April 15, 2011

Nicole Wahl

We are so excited that Nicole is finally here. We had some excited times before she came. At my Dr. appointment 2 days before I was scheduled to be induced they told me that she was breech. They said that when we got to the hospital they would try to turn her and then immediately break my water. If for some reason they couldn't turn her or she didn't stay turned we would have to go for an emergency C-section. (just a side note: JoAnn said that she new that c-section stands for cut section :) I thought it was cute that she would make that connection!) I left the doctor pretty scared but calm at the same time. My family and friends were so helpful and looked up tips on how to turn a breech baby. I tried every trick I could and when we got to the hospital thursday morning...she had turned on her own! Thank goodness. The doctor checked me and for the first time ever I had gotten to a 4 all on my own. He decided to just break my water and see if that would induce labor. IT DID! And natural labor hurts just as bad as pitosin :) I was so glad that I was doing it on my own though. I was having a ton a back labor and the nurse said that usually happens when the baby is sunny side up! My sister Tonya was able to come and help us out and my sister-in-law's mom was my nurse. They were amazing. They kept turning my back and forth and even got me onto all fours with an epidural! After all that, she checked me and while she did, nicole turned and moved down. Only 45 minutes later I was at a 9.5. She said the baby was still really high though. I told her to just call the dr. in, I promised I could push her down. And as soon as the dr. came in 4 minutes later, Nicole was born. They said with my first push she turned completely and by the 2nd contraction she was out! Alan was incredible through it all! I am so blessed that labor and delivery went so well!

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Megan said...

Deanne you look amazing for just having a baby! Congrats on another beautiful girl.